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Unte Nthenharenye (Where do you come from?) | IAD Press | Australian Aboriginal Publisher & Book Shop

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Unte Nthenharenye (Where do you come from?)


An Arrernte Curriculum Project which features a book and audio cassette of eight contemporary Arrernte songs. A fun songbook for children and helpful for those learning Arrernte.

Songs (with music) and poems about Arrernte life, the importance of country, family, dogs and bush tucker.  They tell of the night sky, a good rain storm, hunting, playing tricks on your friends.  The songs have been written by people from Arrernte country in their own Arandic languages. Comes with cassette of songs sung by the writers. Features Central Arrernte, Eastern Arrernte, Southern Arrernte (Pertame) and Alyawarr.