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Anpernirrentye Kin and Skin | IAD Press | Australian Aboriginal Publisher & Book Shop

Veronica Dobson AM and John Henderson

Anpernirrentye Kin and Skin


The first step-by-step explanation of the system of relationships that link land, language, family and Dreamings in an Aboriginal culture! This reliable guidebook by an Arrernte elder and a university professor will help everyone develop a deeper understanding. Includes online pronunciation.

Anpernirrentye (un-BURN-erin-ja) is the system of family relationships that is at the heart of the culture of the Arrernte people of Central Australia.  This book describes the ways family and culture have connected people to each other, to their land, and to their Dreamings since the time of creation.  Because we are related in these ways, we treat each other with respect.

This is the first book to give a step-by-step introduction to the words and ideas in Arrernte ways of talking about family.  It will be useful for everyone learning about Arrernte language and culture, for anyone wanting to work in a respectful way with Arrernte people, and anyone wanting to learn about Aboriginal cultures more generally.

Click here to practice your pronunciation of Arrernte kinship words