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Jared Thomas

Sweet Guy


Jared Thomas is a Nukunu person of the Southern Flinders Ranges and upper Spencer Gulf who was born and raised in Port Augusta. Jared has a Masters in English from Adelaide University. His first play ‘Flash Red Ford’ toured Uganda and Kenya in 1999 and his last work ‘Love Land and Money’ was featured during the 2002 Adelaide Fringe Festival. Jared is involved in various levels of film writing editing and production as well as being heavily involved in the Nukunu cultural heritage language and art projects

If Michael Sweet thought his early teens were difficult, he’s in for a shock now he’s eighteen and ready to start uni. The pressures of study, making new friends and moving into a co-ed college are only the beginning. When Michael sets out to woo the girl of his dreams, it makes dealing with his drop-kick father and the antics of his madcap surfer mate Angus seem a breeze. But life is about to dish up some surprises that help Michael meet the challenges head on.