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Billy Benn

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I look back with my spirit and see the land before man Billy Benn Perrurle.

Since the late 20th century Aboriginal artist Billy Benn Perrurle has produced masterful paintings of his traditional Alyawarr/Akarre country in central Australia that have captured the attention of national and international art collectors.

Working in a corner of the Mwerre Anthurre Artists Studio of Bindi Inc. in Alice Springs, in exile from his homelands, Billy Benn has animated vividly remembered landscapes with rare verve and strong cultural resonances. His paintings pulsate with colour, texture, sentiment and spirit.

Breathtaking and intimate, Billy Benn’s remarkable paintings illuminate his deep desert sensibilities and boldly reveal his country as place, story, family, and culture.

The third title in IAD Press’ acclaimed series about artists, their art, country, law, language, and stories, Billy Benn traces the artist’s return journey to country through painting.